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The 2013 pageant will held on November 16-17

 Location to be announced

Tiny Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 3-4)
Little Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 5-6)
Junior Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 7-9)
Pre-Teen Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 10-12)
Teen Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 13-15)
Miss Texas Princess Pageant (Ages 16-18)

Areas of Competition

     Interview: 1-10 points

Each contestant has a personal interview with each of our three judges.  Questions will be age-appropriate and will help the judges learn more about you.  The judges are looking for personality, the ability to express themselves verbally and confidence. For your outfit select something that best describes your personality! We suggest something bright and colorful! Suits are not required. Be unique! Be YOU!

     Onstage Introduction: 1-10 points

Each girl will introduce herself on stage at the beginning of the pageant.  You’ll want to include things like your name, where you are from, your parents names, the school you attend, activities you enjoy and futures goals.  EXAMPLE: “Hello, I am Ann Smith, the daughter of Paul and Mary Smith of Kansas City.  I currently attend the 4th grade and I love science and math.  Some of my favorite activities are swimming, dancing and hanging out with my friends.  When I grow up, I’d like to become a veterinarian.  Thank you!” The introduction will be judged on confidence, personality, articulation and presentation. The outfit could be the same as your Interview outfit or something like you would wear to church on Sunday.

    Formal Wear: 1-10 points

Select a gown that compliments who you are and celebrates what makes you unique and different! Trains and slits are fine for the Teen and Miss divisions. Please make sure gowns are “age appropriate” for all divisions. Gowns are suggested to be floor length and not more than 2″ off the floor.

     Additional Notes:

You DO NOT have to sign a no compete with this pageant system and you may also hold other titles during your reign! We are providing an opportunity for you to gain an amazing opportunity and self confidence!

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Age Groups

Tiny Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 3-4)
Little Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 5-6)
Junior Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 7-9)
Pre-Teen Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 10-12)
Teen Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 13-15)
Miss Texas Princess
(Ages 16-18)